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Sierra Flower Finder Premium Contributor

Grower Name: Denmar
Name: Jennifer Rodriguez
Nickname: Denmar
Member Type: Premium Grower
Member Since: October 15, 2013
Facebook URL: Denmar
Twitter URL:
LinkedIn URL:

Denmar has 139 listed varieties
Grower Information
Location: Paris N41-43 Y Av. De los Granados Quito, Ecuador Panamericana Norte Via Tabacundo-Cayambe Km 47
Varieties: Roses and Spray Roses
Programs: Flor Ecuador, Veriflora
Contact: Jennifer Rodriguez, Nancy Villavicencio
Web Site:
Phone: (593) 223-6599 x8214
Fax: (593) 223-65998
Other Info: Throughout 18 years of experience, DENMAR has become one of the leading Ecuadorian Premium Rose and Spray Rose Growers, offering the highest quality available in the market. Our Roses and Spray Roses have a pre-established cutting stage for each variety. Many trials have been done in order to determine the right cutting stage that will be the best for the over all performance of each variety. DENMAR is also a pioneer in the production of hydroponic roses using sophisticated fertilization and irrigation equipment, modern greenhouses, and heating systems, that allow us to control temperature and humidity. As a result, roses have a longer vase life and cleaner foliage, while reducing the use of pesticides and limiting waste material. DENMAR has a firm commitment to its employees, the environment and its customers, testified by Flor del Ecuador, ISO14000, ISO 9000 and BASC certifications. The Environmental and Quality control systems that we have implemented have enabled us to offer a Select Rose and Spray Rose line, subject to the strictest production, grading and packaging procedures. Enjoy our Select Rose Line available through Sierra Flower Trading.

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