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Sierra Flower Finder Premium Contributor

Grower Name: Ecuanros
Name: Carlos Naveda
Nickname: Carlos
Member Type: Premium Grower
Member Since: January 29, 2011
Facebook URL:
Twitter URL:
LinkedIn URL:

Ecuanros has 124 listed varieties
Grower Information
Location: Cotopaxi, Ecuador
Varieties: 100% Roses. 155 Varieties (70% Color / 30% Red)
Contact: Carlos Naveda
Web Site:
Phone: (593) 327-1220 x5
Fax: (593) 327-1228 x4
Other Info: We are an Ecuadorian farm who proudly grows and exports premium quality fresh cut roses since 1997. At this time, we have 40 hectares of the world’s best roses under our greenhouses. We have a range of over 155 varieties, and 70% of them are new and premium. We are consistently growing and offering new premium varieties to our customers. We are located in the Cotopaxi area, at 3000 meters of altitude, the best region of the country for rose production. For this reason, and a good crop management, our product has some quality characteristics that distinguish us from other farms. Some of these are big buds, long and strong stems, well defined colors and gorgeous foliage. Our roses are recognized in different markets for their high quality. Especially, the big size of the buds allow us to satisfy the most select and exclusive customers in more than 20 countries around the world.
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