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Sierra Flower Finder Contributor

Name: Hernan Arias
Nickname: Hernan
Company: Obashe S.A.
Member Type: Grower
Member Since: January-29-11
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Recently Added Pictures (Total: 13)
Mayan Gold Splash
Added on: October-17-12
Pig Face, Solanum
Added on: October-17-12
Added on: October-17-12
Kiss of Death
Added on: October-17-12
Yellow Maraca / Shampoo Ginger
Added on: October-17-12
Musa Coccinea
Added on: October-17-12
Prince of Darkness
Added on: March-02-11
Costus French Kiss
Added on: March-02-11
Costus French Kiss
Added on: March-02-11
Recent Discussions (Total: 1)
Exotic Blooms and Foliages Discussions Replied: Hi Norma! Yes this flowers is available all year round! In the months of April and September that are the most dry months of the year in Costa rica the availabi ...
On: Ok , so I'm in love with the new photo of Prince of Darkness Heliconias. Are these available all year long ? I really love your sight but you've GOT to give us more in ...
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