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Grower Name: Flores del Lago Limitada C.I.
Name: Jorge Urrego Gonzalez
Nickname: Flores del Lago
Location: OTH, Colombia
Member Type: Premium Grower
Member Since: October 14, 2011
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Flores del Lago Limitada C.I. has 43 listed varieties
Grower Information
Location: Km 4,5 via Rionegro Aeropuerto Vereda Tablazo.
Varieties: Chrisanthemum Poms, Disbuds, Hydrangeas and Mini callas
Programs: Rainforest Alliance
Contact: Jorge L Urrego
Web Site:
Phone: 5745614871
Fax: 5745678668
Other Info:

Founded in 1981, Flores del Lago has been in the market for more than 30 years. Throughout this time we have dedicated our efforts to attend the hight end niche, to grow special varieties and to add value to our products in quality, exclusivity and packing.
Nowadays our company has 30 hectares on production, all of them under greenhouses and using the best available technology.

Flores del Lago S.A.S. C.I. is a Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farm, a distinction granted by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), as a proof of our commitment to the environmentally and socially responsible practices.

The principal objective of the company is the consolidation and creation of more than 400 healthy and secure jobs, providing a suitable professional and social environment, encouraging the implementation of the following programs: zero or minimum work accidents, an employee support fund, celebration of special dates, employee advancement incentives, promotion within the company, and the sponsorship of employees seeking advanced education. The majority of our workforce is female, many of which act as head-of-household providing support to their entire family. In some cases, the company has provided employment for displaced residents from conflict-zones giving them the opportunity to be part of our society and have a proper job to support their families with safer conditions.

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