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Sierra Flower Finder Contributor

Name: Catalina A
Nickname: Catalina
Company: Sierra
Member Type: Sierra
Member Since: January-24-11
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Recently Added Varieties (Total: 136)
Sweet Dolomiti
Added on: October-23-14
Added on: July-03-14
Added on: June-30-14
Added on: June-30-14
Sweet Sophia
Added on: June-13-14
Added on: June-09-14
Recently Added Pictures (Total: 349)
Sweet Dolomiti
Added on: October-23-14
Sweet Dolomiti
Added on: October-23-14
Sweet Dolomiti
Added on: October-23-14
Added on: September-18-14
Tresor 2000
Added on: September-03-14
Added on: September-02-14
Added on: July-28-14
Added on: July-28-14
Added on: July-28-14
Recent Articles (Total: 1)
The Flower Bearers’ Parade - Medellin, Colombia
A parade that shows the beauty of Colombian flowers
Recent Discussions (Total: 4)
Roses Discussions Replied: I would suggest Corrida, which is the closest to a red bicolor variety and that farms are offering in long lenghts.
On: I am looking for a bi color -red and white standard rose, that would be available in December.  I used to be able to get Fire and Ice, but have no luck so far, any sugges ...
Roses Discussions Replied:

New nice varities I could suggest: High and Booming or Manitou. A classic salmon option also could be Movie Star.  Hope it helps

On: I'm looking for a nice full headed coral rose..... any suggestions? 
Roses Discussions Replied: There are some new very nice hot pinks in the market, like Cherry O or Roseberry. That would be very close in color , I think.
On: Hello all,

Looking for alittle help...Watermelon color rose, does anyone have suggestions.

Roses Discussions Replied: Another good option would be Silverstone. The bloom size is 5.0 to 5.5cm aprox and good performance.
On: I am looking for a rose color: lavender or darker lilac. I want it to be big as a Grand Prix. Anyone have any suggestions?
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