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Carnations Discussions

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Can someone explain the difference between Green Trick and Green Ball? Is it just the bloom size? Is the bloom size always related to the stem length? Are they exactly the same color?
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By: north of 45 - Member Since: 2011-01-04
2 Replies (last: 2011-10-28)
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Hi everyone,
I have been trying to grow Farida variety of standard carnations and i find some small dark spots on the leave, later the tips of the flower have some burns. Anyone with ideas on how to control this please? tempariture ranges from 8 degrees celcious to 26 degrees C while the relative humidity is about 85%.
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By: Ben - Member Since: 2011-09-05
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hello to everyone i am new to this site so please be gentle with me.
looking for the mini carnation melissa. has anybody any idea where to find it or
what grower is growing this variety
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By: boonie - Member Since: 2011-07-21
1 Reply (last: 2011-07-25)
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Why is it that carns are unloved? the ultimate commodity flower. They come in humdreds of colours, They have a great vase life and they travel well. Is it time for the carnation to make a comeback?
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By: Brett - Member Since: 2011-01-11
5 Replies (last: 2012-08-30)
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