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Proteas and Leucadendrons Discussions

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I recently had Protea Brenda in a vase for 4 weeks!  Sure I had to trim some of the foliage back as it dried in but the flower lasted a full month.  Have others shared this experience of having Protea?  I used to think they didn't last long but have discovered that when you get a fresh, quality protea with good post harvest treatment they can be very long lasting.
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By: flowerman - Member Since: 2011-01-19
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Protea are very hardy and super long lasting.  I have had many protea last for weeks!   I find they usually outlive their vase-mates, and they do look stunning all by themselves once all the fillers have expired.  They are quite worth the price for this kind of performance!

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By: Sugar Flair - Member Since: 2011-02-15
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I've been told the black foliage is due to lack of sugars (perhaps in post harvest or in the field?). That said, a floral preservative in the vase should help stave off the blackening and changing the water with new preservative should keep them nicer longer!
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By: Alyson - Member Since: 2011-09-06
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