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Gypsophila Discussions

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I am a new floral designer and someone has told me that the gypsophila has a bad smell.  I have a bride who wants to use gyp in mason jars for her centerpieces.  Any feedback is much appreciated.  Thank you.
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By: Monica - Member Since: 2013-03-23
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It does. There is, however a trend of using just Gyp in wedding and bridal designs, so I can't help but assume that some people don't mind it. If you keep the designs in a cool place and use fresh product I would think that you are doing everything you can to minimize the odours. But there is a risk.

If you were looking for an alternative, there is waxflower which actually has a beautiful scent and a similar rustic look. The variety alba has beautiful small white blooms and is available now out of Australia. Would look really sweet in mason jars! (and smell sweet too!)
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By: Louise - Member Since: 2011-01-12
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