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Roses Discussions

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I know the Lady Diana rose is a very old variety but does anyone know if it is still being grown? What would you recommend as a good sub?
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By: Lavonde - Member Since: 2012-08-13
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Oddly, we don't have that variety in our database, and doing some google image searches brings up varying pink tones for that variety. I wouldn't feel comfortable suggesting a substitute with so little familiarity.

I would suggest instead going to the roses section, standard roses, and at the top menu select the flower color: pink. You can also select results per page as all, and this will show you all Rose varieties in pink in one screen

You should be able to find something similar to what you're looking for. 
Hope that helps!
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By: Louise - Member Since: 2011-01-12
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I grow the Lady Diana rose right in my is very scented and beautiful, long lasting
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By: - Member Since: 2011-10-04
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