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We've been buying these heliconia from Ecuador. Don't ever let them chill. Has anyone experienced a shorter shelf life if they have been imported as short stems vs. long stems? Our importer brought in 4-5' stem-lengths and then to reduce shipping costs ordered them at 2-3 feet. We found the short ones didn't last very long. Perhaps the sustenance was in  the stem-length?
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By: fleurista - Member Since: 2011-05-27
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I have never found that stem length makes a difference. Heliconia do not drink from the stem (or extremely little). Getting them fresh, keeping the bracts moist, and never letting them get cold are the factors we have found to get the full vase life.
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By: north of 45 - Member Since: 2011-01-04
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The stem length it shouldn’t affect the vase life of the Heliconia. There are great differences in vase life performance 7 to 21 days, varies by species and cultivars. Heliconia should be cut at a semi-mature stage (one or two of the bracts not yet open) they last longer than when they are not fully mature. These plants drink from the top and like being showered with water and they do not drink so much from the stems. Toextend their vase life, Florists, immediately on receipt of their heliconias, should immerse the entire bloom and stem under water for 20 minutes. After immersion, re-cut the end of the stem. Mist the heliconias with water once or twice a day and change the water every few days at time another 1". Unfortunately, preservatives do not extend these flowers' lives, since their water uptake is minimal. Temperature fluctuations definitely affect it, Heliconias are very sensitive to chilling temperature.
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By: Tati - Member Since: 2011-01-20
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