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Variety Information

Common names: Matthiola Incana
Color : White
Color Description: Pure White
Bloom Size Details: Floral spikes vary in length depending on climate.
Availability: Year round from Ecuador and California, with varying availabilities and some seasonal production gaps from each.
Scented: Yes
General Comments: - Pure white variety often used for wedding work.
- Depending on supply region, you expect a minimum of 8-10 floral spike. (3-4 inches)

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • It is critical to change water and floral preservative frequently as stem blocking bacteria builds up very quickly in vases containing stock.
  • Should be re hydrated using a commerical hydration solution such as "Quick Dip".
  • Interesting clove scented spike flower.

Grading Information

  • Should be bunched with a minimum of 10 usable stems.
  • Select grade should be minimum 60 cm stem length with a 10 to 15 cm spike.
  • Fancy grade should be minimum 50cm stem length with a 8 to10 cm spike.

Grower and Breeder Information

  • Bunches should be individually wrapped with absorbant paper to avoid shipping damage.
  • Packing with absorbant paper wrap and plastic sleeve over the paper for shipping is the suggested way to ship stock from South America.
  • Assorted boxes should contain a minimum of 5 different colours with approximately 40 to 50% white per box.
  • Double stock is extremely susceptible to botrytis. Any exposure to heat or high humidity in transit will cause rotting of blooms.
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