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Variety Information

Color : Orange
Color Description: Bright Orange, blue and green
Bloom Size: Medium
Bloom Size Details: 15-18 cm
Lengths available: 70-75 cm
Vase Life: Average
Scented: No
General Comments:

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Flower bract should be dark green with no bruised or desiccated tips.
  • Similar to Cymbidiums, Birds can be stored, in boxes, in an exotics cooler (12-16 celsius), and also benefit from being refrigerated (3-5 celsius).
  • Optimum temp is 8 - 10 degrees celsius. 
  • Birds do not easily open once cut from the plant , the blooms must be gently pried out using two thumbs. Make sure you have hydrated the birds well before trying to open the bloom.
  • Cut off one inch of the stem and immediately place in fresh water at room temperature. To bring out extra flowers, insert your thumb inside the unopened sheath through the open upper part of the sheath. Gently remove the membrane that separates each flower by cutting it off. Refrigerate as needed to keep fresh.

Grading Information

  • Birds are graded by stem length and head size.
  • Small Grade - 60 cm minimum - 12 cm bloom
  • Medium Grade - 80 cm minimum - 15 cm bloom 
  • Extra Grade - 100 cm minimum - 16-20 cm bloom
  • Giant Grade - 85-90cm minimum - 20-25cm bloom

Grower and Breeder Information

  • Birds are usually packed either by single stems or in bunches of 5 stems.
  •  A protective net or paper sleeve should be placed on each bloom to avoid shipping damage.
  •  Flower bract must be dark green and free of any bruising or desiccated tips.
  •  Birds are best shipped in florist sized trays containing 36 or 50 stems depending on the grade.
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