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Protea Ivy


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Variety Information

Common names: Ivy Pink
Color : Pink
Color Description: Medium to Light Pink
Bloom Size: Small
Lengths available: 40 to 70 + cm
Vase Life: Long
Availability: March, April, May from South Africa ( weather dependent)
Scented: No
General Comments: - These are usually shipped tight cut and are often "less than impressive" on arrival but, once open, are a great small protea variety.
- This variety drinks and opens amazingly well and has a great vase life.
- While larger protea varieties are most commonly shipped by individual stems , Ivy is usually bunched by 5 or 10 stems.


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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • A family of interesting and unusual long lasting flowers available in a vast array of shapes, colours and sizes.
  • Widely grown in Californian as well as Australia / South Africa / New Zealand Protea are available virtually year round because of their opposite seasons.
  •  Most varieties of Protea dry very well.
  • One of the oldest groups of flowering plants, protea have existed for over 300 million years.
  • Protea are named after the Greek god Proteus , who could change his form at will.

Grading Information

  • Protea are graded by stem length and bloom size.
  •  Florist quality Protea should be a minimum of 40 to 50 cm with some varieties reaching 100+ cm tall.

Grower and Breeder Information

  • Protea should be shipped with clean blooms.  Because this is an outdoor crop, there may be blemishes on foliage due to weather conditions.  The foliage can be easily stripped, and marking on foliage does not indicate performance issues in the bloom.
  • Studies have shown that post harvest treatment with sucrose solution can help to avoid blackening of foliage.
  • Leaves should always be removed from bottom 20 cm of stems.
  • Smaller florist sized packs of 40 to 50 stems are increasingly popular.
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