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Mero Star


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Color : Pink

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Oriental Hybrids have much larger blooms than Asiatics and are usually very fragrant.
  • Many new varieties are now "O.T" or "Orienpets" which are a cross between Oriental x Trumpet and feature bold new colors and larger blooms.
  •  Should be purchased with tight buds beginning to show colour.
  •  New, improved varieties are stronger and perform better.
  •  Many new varieties are introduced each year , many with interesting new colours and 2 tone colorations.
Care and Handling Tips:
- Prepare vases with filtered water to prelude the presence of chlorine. If flower food is available, mix the appropriate quantity into the water.
- Procees to cutting 1/2 - 1 inch off your flower stems at an angle (with a sharp knife, NOT scissors), and immediately place them into the water. If possible, cut the stems under water which helps prevent bubbles from forming inside the stems.
- Once the flowers have been trimmed, keep them at a cool temperature out of direct sunlight and in a location with good airflow.