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Mariachi Green


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Variety Information

Color : Green
Color Description: Light limey green
Bloom Size: Medium
Lengths available: 60-70cm
Vase Life: Average
Availability: Year round

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Available in single flowering and double flowering varieties.
  • Mariachi is a new series boasting "quadruple" blooms.
  • New varieties offer many interesting new colours and bi colours - Lisianthus is a long lasting cut flower.
  • Should be re hydrated using a commerical hydration solution such as "Quick Dip".
  • Some reports that vase life can be doubled with proper flower food.

Grading Information

  • Should be graded by stem length and packaged in 10 stem bunches although some farms ship 5 stem bunches.
  • Should be plastic sleeved.

Grower and Breeder Information

  • New variety series enable growers to extend season.
  • Should be shipped with blooms well developed and showing good colour but not fully open. Blooms cut too tight will not open properly and blooms cut too open will be damaged in transit.
  • Post harvest treatment with up to 20% sucrose solution will help bud development.
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