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Color : Yellow
Scented: No

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

- Gerbera and Germini ( Mini Gerbera) are most widely produced in Holland, Israel, California ,Canada and Colombia.
- Proximity to market is important for these relatively fragile blooms and Ontario Canada growers have become important suppliers to the Eastern North American marketplace as California and B.C Canada growers have become significant suppliers to the Westcoast North American market.
- Increasingly shipped in procona "wet-packs" from Canada and California which seems to increase vase life.
- Traditionally packed in florist "trays" of 25 blooms from Holland or Israel, Gerbera and Germini are now often packed in " Rackets" of 10 blooms from Canada or California.
- South American production of Gerbera is often shipped in plastic cups or nets and sleeved in 10 stem bunches but this can result in some bloom damage in transit.

Care and Handling Tips:
1. Under warm running water, cut at an angle, 1-2 inches off the gerbera stems.
2. Transfer cut gerberas to a clean vase containing room temperature water that has been treated with gerbera preservation (chlorine pill). The key to long gerbera life is keeping them bacteria free.