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Heliconia Upright Chuby


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Variety Information

Color : Orange
Color Description: Orange, yellow & green
Bloom Size: Large
Bloom Size Details: 3 bracts
Vase Life: Long
Scented: No
General Comments: Remove leaves from stem as desired. Cut off one inch of the stem and place immediately in fresh water up to the bottom of the first bract. Placing in deep water greatly improves water uptake. Also fill bracts with water every day as heliconias hydrate very well through the bracts. To improve the appearance of the bracts, wash them in water with a little detergent and rinse them with fresh water. Do not refrigerate. Keep at 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Edit Florist & Wholesaler Information

Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Heliconias are very sensitive to cold and should never be exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees celsius or they will show signs of blackening.
  •  Available in 2 major bloom structure types, Upright (or Erect )and Hanging (or Pendant.)
  • Flowers between bracts should be removed before use in floral arrangements.
  • Heliconias must be kept humid and occasional misting is recommended. 
  • Heliconias have a vase life of 7 to 15 days with proper care.

Grading Information

  • Heliconias are usually graded by bract size and classified as small, medium, large, and extra large.
  •  Small - 80 cm stem - 15 cm bloom.
  •  Medium - 70 to 90 cm stem - 20 cm bloom - 3 to 4 bracts.
  •  Large - 90cm + stem - 25 cm bloom - 3 to 4 bracts.
  •  Extra - 90 cm + stem - 30 cm bloom - 3 to 4 bracts.
  •  Pendant - 110 cm stem - 5 to 6 bracts.

Grower and Breeder Information

  •  Blooms should show good colour and be free of marking.
  •  Heliconias being shipped to North America should be packed in insulated boxes during the winter months.
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