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Variety Information

Color : Pink
General Comments: -One of 8 popular light pink varieties.

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  •  Many new exciting novelty varieties are now available from the better farms.
  • Standard Colors are Red, White and Pink. All other colors ( yellow, orange, peach, green, purples, earth tones and bi-colors are considered "Novelties".
  • Look for new novelties in earth tones, peach tones, burgandy's , greens, and bi colour purples, pinks, oranges, and yellows
  • Assorted boxes should contain a well balanced colour mix (see Grower Info)

Grading Information

  • Select Grade , 75 cm+  , 25 stem bunch.
  •  Fancy Grade  , 55 to 65cm  , 25 stem bunch.
  •  Standard Grade , 45 to 55 cm , 25 stem bunch.
  •  Bunches should be plastic sleeved.
  • Carnations are usually shipped as either cut stage U.S ( very open) , European ( tighter cut) and Japanese ( very tight cut) .
  • Sierra recommends European cut stage for export to avoid bruising and shifting damage.