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Color : Green
Scented: No

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Cymbidium Orchids are the longest lasting of the commercially available orchid varieties.
  • Cymbidiums are available year round with the majority of production coming from New Zealand from May to November and  Holland from October to June.
  • South Africa also has export prodcution of Cymbidiums from August to November.
  • Cymbidium varieties change throughout the season and are largely classified as Early, Mid Season or Late varieties.
  • Cymbidiums are graded by length and number of blooms per stem (see grading)
Care and Handling
  • Contrary to common perception that these are tropical flowers, Cymbidiums are best stored between 8 and 10 degrees celsius.
  • Storage in boxes can be in an exotics cooler (12-16 celsius) or in a cold room (3-5 celsius). Cymbids stored this way seem to perform well either way.
  • As the longest lasting commercial Orchid variety on the market, Cymbidiums give you great value whether used by the stem or the individual bloom (although they will last longer on the stem).
  • Stems should be re-cut upon arrival and placed in cool fresh water with the proper dose of floral preservative. If storing in water tubes, the water should be chan