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Cream Shades


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Variety Information

Color : White
Scented: No

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Generally sold by color and not variety.
  • Some varieties are available by name, examples are included in "Common Names" section.
  • Great cut flower with delicate paper like blooms that are available in a range of interesting pastel colours.
  • Considering the delicate nature of the blooms, Ranunculus is remarkably long lasting.
  • Globally available year round, lots of supply in South America, though scarcity can bring the supply out of price range for most.
  • Two supplies are of special note:
  1. in late winter the Israëli supply of Pon Pon Ranunculus
  2. and in early spring the Northern California (Mellano & Co) season offers an extraordinary supply. 
Both supply seasons are magical.