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Coral Charm


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Variety Information

Color : Coral
Bloom Size: Large
Bloom Size Details: Semi Double Coral
Availability: Fall from New Zealand and Chile and spring from North America and Europe.
Scented: Yes
General Comments: - This is one of the newer varieties of Peonies on the market.
- This coral variety changes to hues of peach and oranges as it opens and develops.

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • This very popular garden flower also makes a great cut flower.
  • Peonies are available from the northern hemisphere ( North America, Holland, Europe)  May and June and the southern hemisphere ( Chile, New Zealand, South Africa) October to December.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Peony types:
  • Single (low petal, stamen center)
  • Semi-Double (high petal, stamen center)
  • Double (high petal, low stamen)
  • Japanese (low petal, unique stamen)
  • Anemone (low petal, unique stamen)
  • Double Bomb (single row of large petals, cluster bomb of center petals, no stamen).
  • Semi Double, Double & Double Bomb varieties perform best as cut flowers.
  • Usually softly scented.
  • Peonies will arrive in tight bud stage but always open very well.
  • Care and Handling:
  • Peonies should be hydrated out of the cooler in water with the proper amount of floral preservative.