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Variety Information

Color : Red
General Comments: - Intense red in color
- Available June, December, February

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  •  L.A. Hybrids are an exciting new type of lily and are a cross between Asiatic and Longiflorum lilies.
  • L.A.'s have larger flowers, stronger stems, and longer vase life than asiatics.
  • L.A. varieties often begin with the name Royal and are available in a wide variety of unique colours and bi colours.
  • Should be purchased with tight buds beginning to show colour.
  • Globally, Lilies rank fourth among the flowers in popularity. Lilies are one of the most beautiful, and graceful of all summer-blooming flowers.
    The Lily flower symbolizes purity and refined beauty. Based on the colour or type, the Lily flower can convey different meanings. Lilies are also popular flowers for gifting purposes

Grading Information

  •  L.A. Hybrid Lilies are graded by number of blooms per stem.
  • - 2 / 3 blooms - 70 cm minimum
  • - 3 / 5 blooms - 70 cm minimum
  • - 5 / 7 bloom - 70 cm minimum
  • - Lilies are packed in 10 stem bunches and are plastic sleeved.

Grower and Breeder Information

  • Leading Breeders (2010) : Royal Van Zanten , De Jong , Hoff
  • These new hybrids (Asiatic x Longiflorum) show stronger stems, larger blooms and are available in very interesting new colours.