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Baby Blue


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Variety Information

Color : Green
Color Description: Blue green hue
Lengths available: 50-100cm
Vase Life: Long
Vase Life Details: can be dried or preserved for longer life
Availability: Year round at times with a short gap in California to allow for new growth to harden off.
Scented: Yes
General Comments: - Heavily scented grey green foliage.
- Round to heart shaped leaves.
- Watch for soft tips in spring and early summer, these would need to be pinched off or they blacken.
California Grading
Bouquet: 60cm, 20 stems
Regular: 65cm, 450 grams
Extra Tall: 100cm, 3 stems

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • A large family of specialty greens. Eucalyptus' come in a variety of shades and structures as well as interesting leaf shapes.
  • Check for soft or young tips in the spring and early summer that may prematurely wilt.