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Assorted Christmas Romance


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Variety Information

Color : Assorted
Color Description: A mix of Green, Red, Burgundy and White.
Bloom Size: Medium
Lengths available: 50/60/70
Vase Life: Long
Availability: December.
Scented: No

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Commonly known as "St Johns Wort" this plant is widely used as a herbal remedy for depression and is commonly availble in most health stores.
  • Traditionally available in mostly red / burgandy tones, hybridization has recently (2010) given us an array of great new colors including cream, peach, pink, orange,yellow, green and white.
  • Intensity of colors and shades of each variety will vary slightly depending on season and weather conditions.
  • Hypericum berries come in many shapes, sizes and structures. Some varieties are loosely grouped with large round berries while others can be tightly clustered with tons of medium sized oval shaped berries. 
  • Look for bunches with clean, firm and shiny berries. Any sign of shriveled berries probably means they’re just not that fresh .
  • Grea