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Ara Purple


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Variety Information

Color : Purple
Color Description: Purple
Bloom Size: Large
Lengths available: 70-80 cm
Vase Life: Long
Vase Life Details: 2 weeks +
Availability: Year Around
Scented: No
General Comments: This statice is all top flowering for best exposure. Excellent size and shape of inflorescences. Remarkable flower density with uniform distribution and color
consistency. Impressive deep color. Laterals are a vibrant, green color and are extremely long and sturdy. Disease resistant. exclusive product of Esmeralda
Breeding & Biotechnology.

Edit Florist & Wholesaler Information

Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Most farms now produce improved "tissue culture" varieties of statice which are less susceptible to botrytis and are available in a range of interesting new pastel colours.
  •  Statice should be stored in dry, well aired conditions to avoid development of botrytis mold.
  • Tinted Statice is available year round in a wide range of punchy colors.

Grading Information

  • Sinuata should be graded minimum 5 or 10 stems, 50cm, 300 grams per bunch.
  • Some farms offer extra large bunches which are graded minimum 400 grams but no fixed stem count.
  • Sinuata Statice is widely used by bouquet makers who generally require a fixed 10 stem bunch.
  •  Sinuata statice must be shipped with blooms fully open and showing good colour.
  •  Foliage should be green and free of yellowing.

Grower and Breeder Information

  • Sinuata statice is very susceptible to botrytis and must be shipped very dry and cool.
  •  New series of Tissue Culture sinuata are available which are much more botrytis resistant.
  •  Assorted boxes of sinuata should contain 50% purple, 20% blue, 10% pink, 10% white, 10% yellow.
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