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Variety Information

Color : Pink

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Snapdragons should meet the required minimum grading ( see Grading Info)
  • Snaps drink a lot of water and should be unpacked and rehydrated upon reception.
  • Locally grown snaps tend to be of far superior quality than imports.

Care and Handling Tips:
- Remove lower foliage and re-cut stem ends under water before placing in a vase.
- You can extend the life of your blooms by adding one teaspoon of sugar and three drops of bleach to a gallon of water before using the water to fill your vase.

Grading Information

  • Small Grade 60 to 70cm stem length- 10 to 15 cm spike
  • Medium Grade 75 to 85cm stem length- 15 to 20 cm spike
  • Large Grade 90 to 100cm stem length - 20 to 30 cm spike
  • Ex Large Grade 110cm + stem length - 30+ cm spike
  • NB all stems must straight and strong enough to support the flower spike.
  • Should be bunched by 10 stems and plastic sleeved.