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For over 25 years, we at Sierra have been doing one thing and one thing only…helping wholesale florists grow their business.

Unparalleled Choice

Our team of 8 professional flower buyers are dedicated to offering the very best and latest varieties of everything from roses, alstromeria, and chrysanthemums to a vast selection of South American novelty flowers including hydrangeas, lilies, hypericums, callas, double stock, protea and peonies from over 40 of our partner farms in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Costa Rica. We also provide flowers from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, California and Holland.

Innovative Service

Whether it is our date code labels on every box to guarantee freshness, your own personalized web page that allows you track each and every box you buy (we’ll even print custom labels on each box for you with our bar code system!) or our Sierra Flower Finder website to help your clients find the flowers they want, our goal is to give you the tools and services you need to better serve your clients.

Meticulous Quality

At Sierra we spend a lot of time working on the details that really matter. We have a rigorous sense of quality and process and as such, we’re the only Veriflora Certified handler in all of Canada. From detailed cold chain management (we track temperatures on every shipment from start to finish) and strict product quality and grading standards to on-time logistics and pre-cooling, we aim to please with flowers that are consistently cold and fresh… flowers that will make your clients say wow!

Get in touch with Sierra Flower Trading now!

If you are a Canadian or US Wholesaler and are interested in growing your business, then please contact our International Sales Division:
Chuck Dennison at or by phone at 1-888-900-1860 ext. 230

Sierra Flower Finder is dedicated to the professional floral community by Sierra Flower Trading. Through this collaborative site, we are creating the opportunity for breeders, growers, wholesalers and florists to share their knowledge and passion for the incredible diversity of flowers that make our industry so unique.