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Awesome Features

Here are just a few of the great features this site provides to Wholesalers, Florists, Event Planners, Bouquetmakers, and anyone who shares a passion for Flowers:

Collaborative Wiki editing

By joining our online floral community, the largest of its kind in North America, you will be able to edit, add and modify almost anything you see in our database. You can start a discussion topic, add photos to existing varieties, suggest substitutes, rate a variety and share your knowledge and experience… these services are FREE for ANYONE.

Easy Sharing

This site allows you to share the most complete and up to date floral information in the industry – FREE OF CHARGE. Send a link, share on Facebook, and send by email. You can even create entire albums of your favorite flowers and share them with your clients and contacts. These sharing tools allow you to confirm variety selections for upcoming events and contracts, and share the industry’s suggestions for best rated varieties & substitutes. Keep your clients informed!

Collaborative Flower Database

Find the flower you’re looking for among our huge database with easy to use search options. There you’ll find loads of information and pictures, suggested substitutes, ratings, care and handling, seasonal details….. And you can easily share these varieties by email, Facebook and by using our albums! Double click on any image to see its full size! Some pictures uploaded by our community are truly spectacular!


Great feature for florists and event planners! Create an interactive album by selecting an unlimited number of flowers that you can send any number of times. To start an album, simply click on the “add to album” icon located on near right of the variety profile picture. Share your album on Facebook; send to one person or even a group for review by email. Make modifications and find substitutes easily with the active features. Booking flowers for an event has never been so easy! Best part? You are sharing with your clients and contacts the most complete, up-to-the-minute industry supported information available. FREE!

Adding & Removing Pictures

Have a great picture of a flower or foliage? With our easy photo uploads, you can add a better picture to the database, in fact you can add up to 3 and it only takes about 30 seconds if you have those pictures on your hard drive! Once signed in, you can even suggest that certain pictures be removed by SierraFlowerFinder Staff.

Suggest Substitutes

Suppose a variety you need isn’t available, now imagine having an arsenal of suitable replacement varieties suggested to you by a whole community of floral experts right at your fingertips… with SierraFlowerFinder there you already are! Share your subbing experiences with others by suggesting varieties using our super easy Substitute finder!

Up-to-date Variety information

Feel free to add your 2 cents – about any variety. By citing any distinctive characteristics of the variety and sharing your care and handling tips, you’re helping any number of people enjoy better longer lasting flowers… and at the same time you’re pushing the floral industry forward. Simply click on “add comments” and let your knowledge flow.

We have some really neat features for our Growers & Breeders:

Launch your latest & greatest varieties, for free!

Creating interest and demand for a new variety can sometimes be tough. Show off your varieties to the largest floral e-community in North America! No other channel reaches more florists and wholesalers more often every day. You can promote the benefits of your latest varieties by posting up to 4 large, high resolution photos and filling in all the variety details, seasonality and grading information. Your newly posted variety can now be rated, discussed, commented and shared by a massive community of florists and event planners. All this is totally free of charge…. Join now!

Add better pictures

Think one of your favorite varieties isn’t represented accurately? You can suggest the photo be deleted, and better yet, you can upload better pictures, it only takes about 30 seconds if you have those pictures on your hard drive! Feel free to update any variety information by clicking “add your comments”.

Set the record straight

Think the information listed is incomplete, inaccurate, misleading, outdated? Think you know better? Change it! You can edit any part of the variety profile. You can start a discussion with the community about any variety, any topic, and any time.


Curious about the performance of a specific variety? Wondering why certain varieties are popular and others aren’t? Curious about market conditions… curious about anything at all? Browse our discussion boards to see what people are saying about the floral industry, and feel free to open up your own topic!

We also have very special features for Advertising Growers & Breeders:

Bang for your Buck!

How do you get North American Florists and Wholesalers to view your flowers, your company brand and your website? For just $100 a month you can advertise on the Sierra Flower Finder and promote your company, product catalogue and even post a video! Here are some of the facts:

  • 1.6 million page views to the Sierra Flower Finder in the last 5 months
  • Over 167,000 visits
  • 10,500 page views per day
  • 70% are returning visitors
  • These figures have been growing each month!

For less than the cost of a one month ad in a floral trade magazine you can have millions of floral professionals view your company and product information for an entire year!

Company Profile

Thousands of viewers use the site weekly to scour the site for varieties that YOU are growing! Let them know that you have what they’re looking for by placing your logo next to the varieties you grow! By clicking your logo everywhere on the site, they access a complete profile of your company! Build the value of your brand by posting all your contact information, drive viewers to your webpage by sharing a link to your website… and you can even upload a video of your operations!

Grower Catalogue

By clicking on your logos (which will you place throughout the site next to the varieties you grow or produce); wholesalers and florists who access your full profile also access your grower catalogue. This catalogue is a representation of all the varieties that you currently grow, and takes seconds to update, seconds to maintain. This catalogue is rated and reviewed by the community and easily shared online!

Post a Video

You can post a video on your profile and show off your operations, your crops and your staff. Simply send the link to your YouTube video to us using the feedback form located at the top right corner of every page, and we will upload it within 24 hours! How easy is that?

All the fringe benefits

By combining all of the free features with this special access you are well tooled to launch, push and advertise your product selection. You can contact us to promote specific varieties or product lines in our special features banner on the main page.

To become an advertised member

By clicking the option to edit your profile you will be presented with a checkbox on the profile page which you can check off to become a member. An email will be sent to SierraFlowerFinder staff, and someone will then contact you with start-up details. You can also use the feedback form located at the top right corner of every page. Finally, if you are a current supplier, as always our purchasing team is available to engage the process with the SierraFlowerFinder team.

Sierra Flower Finder is dedicated to the professional floral community by Sierra Flower Trading. Through this collaborative site, we are creating the opportunity for breeders, growers, wholesalers and florists to share their knowledge and passion for the incredible diversity of flowers that make our industry so unique.