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Greens, Foliages and Branches Discussions

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Fall Foliages!  Oh, can you tell I love fall?  This is my FAVOURITE season, we have so many great seasonal greens to choose from, and some are even TINTED!   That's right, I can hear you all gasping... but I can't deny it, I love those fall tinted greens!  The colours are so rich, I can't take my eyes off them!  These are guaranteed to attract attention, and they spice up even the most basic of products.  Tinted baby and flatberry eucs are great long lasting choices.
Don't forget the natural foliages that shine at this time of year too!  Flatberry, grevillea Ivanhoe and Agonis out of California are gorgeous!  What about Lophmyrtus Katherine from New Zealand? 
Enought about me... what fall foliages do you love to sell to your clients?
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By: Sugar Flair - Member Since: 2011-02-15
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