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One of "My Albums".........
Posted by colin on 2011-10-23
A recent album of a few of our top selling roses last week....  Read More »
Wind Turbine at Rosa Flora Greenhouses
Posted by colin on 2011-10-17
A short video with images of the construction of a wind turbine at Rosa Flora Greenhouses in Canada  Read More »
A visit to Agrocoex, a rose farm in Ecuador.....
Posted by colin on 2011-10-14
A very good close-up look at rose production in Ecuador as well as some fascinating insights into their efforts to support social and environmental causes in their country.  Read More »
Gerbera Grading and Packing in Holland...
Posted by colin on 2011-10-04
Did you ever wonder how they graded and packed Gerbera Daisies in Holland?  Read More »
Flora Holland Flower Auction
Posted by colin on 2011-09-23
Fun video of the Flower Auction in Aalsmeer....  Read More »
Society of American Florists 2011 Top Varieties
Posted by colin on 2011-09-21
SAF winning varieties 2011...  Read More »
Flowers blooming
Posted by louise on 2011-09-21
Time Lapse of flowers blooming, fast paced with strange music and lighting.   Read More »
New Lilies and Callas video from Martha Stewart show...
Posted by colin on 2011-09-14
Great educational video about new Lily and Calla Lily varieties....  Read More »
Posted by colin on 2011-09-14
GrowerTalks/Green Profit editor Chris Beytes tours the first Lilytopia lily display at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania with floral designer Dorien van den Berg, who created all the arrangements.   Read More »
Madonna hates Hydrangeas, loves Roses
Posted by louise on 2011-09-14
The pop diva makes a playful apology on YouTube after she admitted to loathing hydrangeas that a fan gave to her at the Venice film festival. Watch the link to get the full story, then watch the apology!  Read More »
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