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Spotlight on: Spray Roses

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Posted by Louise on 2012-02-24
Welcome to our 2nd Edition of the SPOTLIGHT series - Spray Roses.

1)  Below is an article with a quick summary of the best performing varieties and in that article is a link to the album of the best performing varieties. From the album, you can click on each picture to access the full profile... and don't forget to rate your favorites!

2) Here are the first 3 of 5 videos showing how the Spray Roses are harvested in the fields. Click the Youtube icon on the Main Page to see more SierraFlowerFinder Videos.

3) Also below is a link to a fanstastic article about some of the steps taken towards sustainability by Hosa / Denmar... the video offers a really unique view of life on the farm and how much care is put into producing high quality Spray Roses.

4) Want to ask the community a question about Spray Roses? Members and industry afficionados are here to answer your questions. You can comment here (below) or post a new thread in our discussion board. Simply copy and paste this link in your browser.

Happy Browsing!

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