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Spotlight on Hypericum

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Posted by Louise on 2012-08-21
An explosion of Hypericum!
Since 2001, when imports of cut Hypericum were finally allowed into the U.S market, there’s been an explosion of new varieties and colours available. What was known, until not long ago, as primarily a burgundy coloured berried branch is now available in bright red, orange, peach, coral, pink, cream, yellow, green and even white! These developments, combined with the perfect high altitude growing conditions for Hypericum in Ecuador, have given florists an enticing new array of hot berries to add to floral designs! Year round!

Choosing great Hypericum berries!
Choosing the best quality, colour and varieties that are right for you can be a bit of a challenge! Here's a few tips:

  • Look for bunches with clean, firm and shiny berries. Any sign of shriveled berries probably means they’re just not that fresh!
  • Great Hypericum should have clean, dark green foliage and good strong stems. While this outdoor grown crop will never have perfect foliage, avoid bunches with overly marked or yellowing leaves.
  • Berry count per stem can vary widely between varieties. Some varieties can have 15 to 20 berries per stem while others will have 7 to 10. Choose the variety that best suits your needs.
  • Hypericum berries come in many shapes, sizes and structures! Some varieties are loosely grouped with large round berries while others can be tightly clustered with tons of medium sized oval shaped berries. While both are equally nice, you should ask for the variety and look you prefer.
  • Most varieties are produced as single stems but some varieties are also available as Spray Hypericums. This means one main stem with at least 2 other long lateral stems. This also means really showy stems and a lot more berries per stem, sometimes as many as 30 or 40!!!
  • A great box of assorted Hypericum should have at least 4 or 5 distinct colours including red, pink and green. Ask for assorted boxes aren’t just 5 different shades of brown and burgundy!
With all these possibilities we like to order our Hypericum by variety, not just by colour. Better yet, make yourself a personalized Hypericum Album on the Sierra Flower Finder to help remember which ones are your favorites!
Hypericum berries LOVE to drink!
Good Hypericum can easily last 10 to 14 days when properly handled! Here’s how:

  • Re-hydrate Hypericum bunches upon arrival before using or arranging.
  • Cut at least 2 .5 cm off each stem, immediately dip in a hydration solution and then place in warm water with the proper dose of flower food.
  • Hydrate bunches with the protective sleeve on for at least 2 hours outside of the cooler before putting them back in the fridge.
  • Hypericum drinks like crazy, probably more than any other flower we know! Check water levels daily and refill buckets or vases when needed.
The woody stems of Hypericum tend to rapidly cloud the water in buckets or vases, even with a floral preservative solution. Re-cut the stems and change water every 2 days. 

Some fun Hypericum facts to share with staff and clients!
  • The common name for Hypericum is St Johns Wort and it is widely available in health food stores as a homeopathic remedy for ailments such as depression and as a natural antibiotic.
  • Cut Hypericum berries start out as a yellow flowering shrub and the berries only develop after the flower fades away…..a little like your grandmother’s rose hips…
  • It takes almost 8 months from planting to berry stage to produce a single stem of florist quality berried Hypericum!
Berries are in! Each and every bouquet presented to athletes at the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver was composed with stems of green Hypericum (and green Fuji Mums!). How cool is that?

For more information and great pictures check out the Hypericum section on the Sierra Flower Finder, or click the link just below. 

Also be sure to check our other photos on Facebook by clicking the links below. 
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