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Hydration 101 - Some tips on basic flower hydration

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Posted by Sandy Smith on 2012-02-17
Hydrate upon arrival
Flowers are living things and need proper care and handling. The sooner the flowers hydrate, the better they will perform.
Inspect the product prior to hydration
This step is vital, as it may affect how you treat the product.
Flowers with a tighter cut stage may need to be hydrated using warm water and kept in a warm environment until they reach the desired maturity. Chrysanthemums, gyp, asters and sunflowers are a few flowers that can benefit from this.
Most other flowers should be hydrated in cold water.
Product that is obviously damaged or diseased should be removed.
Use clean buckets, vases and containers
Good hygiene is critical to ensure performance.
All containers should be cleaned using recognized cleaning products or even just bleach.
This will limit the bacteria in the water and make the flowers last longer.
Use sharp, clean instruments to cut the stems
This will help hydrate flowers best. The stem of the flower is the only part that should be in water, so remove any excess foliage.
Use a hydration agent to help with the first drink
A flower’s first drink is very important and hydration agents like Quick Dip can make a big difference.
Hydration agents can be used with all cut flowers and can make a huge difference with roses. Using this type of product can seriously reduce the occurrence of  “bent necks” in roses, which is caused by poor hydration.
Use recognized products that increase flower vase life
Floralife Flower Food and Chrysal Rose Pro are two of the most popular brands.
Be sure to use the right dose for best results. These products feed the flowers and help keep the water cleaner. Cold water is recommended for most flowers.
Display the flowers to make them look their best
A nice display helps the flowers sell themselves.
Allow enough room in the container so that there is airflow between the bunches and the product doesn’t get damaged. Don’t over-pack the container.
Keep at the appropriate temperature
Most flowers hold best when they are cool. 5C is ideal for most flowers but exotic flowers need to be at slightly higher temperatures, between 12C to 16C.

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