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Sierra Flower Trading Partner Distributor

Wholesaler: Fleurexpert
Address: 4050 Griffith, Ville St-Laurent, QC, H4T 1A7
Phone: 514-332-7758 (1-866-286-6559)
Fax: 514-332-1446
Areas Served: Quebec
Web Site:

Other Info:

The company was founded in 1998, with the opening of a first 4,000 square-foot warehouse located on Brabant-Marineau in Ville St-Laurent. After four years of continuous expansion, Fleurexpert made a very significant move by acquiring the activities of Groupe REF which had previously acquired Romayo and Exofleur. With this new acquisition, our sales team was increased considerably with the recruitement of salesmen who brought to Fleurexpert a wealth of knowledge and expertise to be shared with you. To keep up with its rapid growth and continue to ensure top service to our clientele, Fleurexpert acquired a 16,500 square-foot warehouse in September of 2002 on Griffith Street in Ville St-Laurent that allowed for a 6,500 square-foot area solely dedicated to accessories available from Fleurexpert.

A simple visit of our warehouse lets you discover more than 2,500 ornamental and basic supplies: floral foam, tools, ribbons, artificial flowers, baskets, packaging and vases. You're bound to find new ideas and trends that will allow you to expand your creativity in your market. Each aisle is outstandingly decorated with items that you can find, use and create with. There's no better way to stimulate the imagination and the creativity of the professionals in the floral industry. Our buyers' mandate is as follows: To pay attention to our customer needs and trends in order to find the best quality products at the best prices.

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