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Sierra Flower Trading Partner Distributor

Wholesaler: More Flowers Wholesale
Address: Hull, QC, J8Z 1S8
Phone: 800-268-0688
Areas Served: Ontario, Quebec
Web Site:
Contact: Luc Blais -
Phone: 613-241-3069

Other Info:
More Flowers was located in the heart of the city in the historic Byward Market area for the past 38 years but is now proudly located in the hull sector of Gatineau. We have built a reputation for quality and distinctive floral designs. We pride ourselves for having a most extensive supply of fresh cut flowers from Canada and around the world. We are proud to sell “eco-friendly” roses from Equador.

Our team of experienced designers are here for you. Drop in anytime to browse through our large walk in coolers to get ideas and discuss your needs. We offer exotic high style, more contemporary arrangements, as well as more traditional designs. Or for your convenience shop online.

For one stop shopping, we also have Rogers chocolates, home décor and gifts including candles, silk arrangements, plush toys, and our fabulous McBloom spa products. We also specialize in fresh fruit and gourmet baskets which are custom made upon order.

All major credit cards are accepted over the phone or online on our secure web site.

Call us with confidence. More Flowers has the knowledge and expertise to serve you better.

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