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Sierra Flower Trading Partner Distributor

Wholesaler: Valley Flowers
Address: Ottawa, ON
Phone: 1-800-267-8213
Areas Served: Ontario, Quebec
Web Site:
Contact: Pierre -
Phone: 613-244-0444

Other Info:

We are a family run business which was started way back in 1982 by Jean Bégin. Over the last 30 years, Valley Flowers Inc has grown to become the largest cut flower wholesaler in Eastern Ontario. Located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley is recognized locally and provincially for providing both quality product and unparalleled service to the retail floral industry.

Operating out of an 18 000 sq. ft warehouse, floral product is imported daily and cared for in a 5000 sq. ft floral fridge. Supplying products that meet and exceed our own exacting standards is the principle that has led to many long-standing relationships. This in turn, has improved our approach to quality, service and delivery.

We treat our clients like we treat our family, with respect, care and kindness.

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