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Pink Flash


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Variety Information

Color : Bicolor Cr/Pk/Wh
Color Description: Bi-colour dark pink white
Bloom Size: Medium
Lengths available: 40-60cm
Vase Life: Average
Availability: Year round from Colombia and Ecuador
Scented: No
General Comments: Striated dark pink on creamy pink petals.
Slow aperture speed

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Spray Roses should be re hydrated using a commercial hydration solution such as Quick Dip to avoid stem blockage which causes "bent neck".
  •  Ask for date coded roses to guarantee freshness.
  •  Many new varieties are introduced each year, most offering better vase life and striking new colours.
  • Cold chain management from grower to consumer drastically improves vase life.

Grading Information

  • Spray roses are graded by stem length in cm and packaged in 10 stem bunches.
  • Stem length should be measured top to bottom.
  • Blooms should be unmarked and the guard petals present.
  • Foliage should be deep green with no markings.

Grower and Breeder Information