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Painted Lady


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Variety Information

Color : Lavender
Color Description: Lavender
Lengths available: 50-70cm
Availability: Early to Mid season from California
General Comments: - Large lavender coloured bloom.
- Hybrid megapetalum variety


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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Many new, longer lasting varieties of waxflower are introduced each year.
  • New "megapetalum" hybrid varieties are much longer lasting (up to 2 weeks) and tight buds will actually open in water.
  • For longer vase life purchase only waxflower which have been STS treated.
  • Most Waxflower varieties are classified by growers as Early, Mid-Season or Late in the key growing areas.
  • This means for the Southern Hemisphere ( i.e. Australia)  Early-  June// July  Mid Season - August / September  Late - October / November / December.
  • Northern Hemisphere (i.e. California)  Early - December / January / February  Mid Season - February / March / April   Late -April / May /  June
  • California Waxflower comes packed in 8/10/12 bunches per quarter box and 18/20/25 bunches per half box.  Larger packs are not advised.
  • Peru Season runs from May thro