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Variety Information

Color : Blue
General Comments: - New, true blue hybrid
- Bloom and calix of bloom is blue so color is very pronounced
- Opens very well in water
- Has no unpleasant odor
- Select: 7 to 10 stems, 70 to 90cm, 250 grams
- Fancy: 10 stems, 55 to 69cm,250 grams

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  •  A wide range of interesting limonium varieties can be categorized as Latifolium types (Misty series) or Sinensis types (Super Lady, Gold Mine, etc).
  •  Limoniums should be stored in dry, well aired conditions to avoid development of botrytis mold.

Grading Information

  • Most hybrid limoniums are graded by weight and should be a minimum of 300 grams.
  •  Should be shipped with blooms open and showing good colour.

Grower and Breeder Information

  • Hybrid limoniums must be shipped very dry and cool.
  • Exposure to even low levels of heat or humidity in transit will cause an unpleasant odour and the product will probably be unsaleable.
  • Post harvets treatment with a 20% sucrose solution can help blooms to open and retain colour during shipping.
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