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A visit to Mayesh Wholesale Florist
Posted by colin on 2011-09-09
Wow....a great inside look at Mayesh Wholesale shot by U Bloom's J. Schwanke and sponsored by the California Cut Flower Commission...Check it out !  Read More »
Consumer Buying Trends
Posted by louise on 2011-09-01
Quick analysis of cunsumer buying behavior in he United States. Though the stats are somewhat old (2005), they still give insight into why people buy flowers, where, from where and when.   Read More »
The secrets behind your flowers - Smithsonian Magazine
Posted by louise on 2011-08-31
A really inventive perspective on how the South American Flower industry was kickstarted back in the 70's. Extremely insightful, this full-length article is chock full of fodder for shop talk. A great conversation piece.  Read More »
New "Double" Oriental Lily from Flamingo Holland
Posted by colin on 2011-08-31
Dutch Lily breeder Flamingo Holland recently released the new double flowering Oriental Lily names "Rose Lily". Check out the video....  Read More »
Video of Resendiz Protea Brothers
Posted by louise on 2011-08-31
Gorgeous video starring Mel Resendiz and J Schwanke of UBloom.   Read More »
Sierra Flowers Launches Ultimate Business Platform
Posted by colin on 2011-08-31
A brief article about the launch of the Sierra Flower Finder "Wiki" from Floraculture International magazine...  Read More »
New Zealand blooms Cymbidium Production
Posted by louise on 2011-08-31
Great video tour of New Zealand Blooms facility where our beloved range of NZ Cymbidiums are produced.   Read More »
Montreal Flower Auction "Marche Floral"
Posted by north of 45 on 2011-08-30
Here's a short video of the Montreal Flower auction.  Read More »
Quick tour of the Ontario Flower Grower Auction
Posted by north of 45 on 2011-08-29
Here's a short video produced by OFG. It gives you a quick 10 minute tour of the auction.  Read More »
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