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Flora Holland Flower Auction
Posted by colin on 2011-09-23
Fun video of the Flower Auction in Aalsmeer....  Read More »
Society of American Florists 2011 Top Varieties
Posted by colin on 2011-09-21
SAF winning varieties 2011...  Read More »
Flowers blooming
Posted by louise on 2011-09-21
Time Lapse of flowers blooming, fast paced with strange music and lighting.   Read More »
New Lilies and Callas video from Martha Stewart show...
Posted by colin on 2011-09-14
Great educational video about new Lily and Calla Lily varieties....  Read More »
Posted by colin on 2011-09-14
GrowerTalks/Green Profit editor Chris Beytes tours the first Lilytopia lily display at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania with floral designer Dorien van den Berg, who created all the arrangements.   Read More »
Madonna hates Hydrangeas, loves Roses
Posted by louise on 2011-09-14
The pop diva makes a playful apology on YouTube after she admitted to loathing hydrangeas that a fan gave to her at the Venice film festival. Watch the link to get the full story, then watch the apology!  Read More »
A visit to Mayesh Wholesale Florist
Posted by colin on 2011-09-09
Wow....a great inside look at Mayesh Wholesale shot by U Bloom's J. Schwanke and sponsored by the California Cut Flower Commission...Check it out !  Read More »
Consumer Buying Trends
Posted by louise on 2011-09-01
Quick analysis of cunsumer buying behavior in he United States. Though the stats are somewhat old (2005), they still give insight into why people buy flowers, where, from where and when.   Read More »
The secrets behind your flowers - Smithsonian Magazine
Posted by louise on 2011-08-31
A really inventive perspective on how the South American Flower industry was kickstarted back in the 70's. Extremely insightful, this full-length article is chock full of fodder for shop talk. A great conversation piece.  Read More »
New "Double" Oriental Lily from Flamingo Holland
Posted by colin on 2011-08-31
Dutch Lily breeder Flamingo Holland recently released the new double flowering Oriental Lily names "Rose Lily". Check out the video....  Read More »
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