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Teleflora's Superbowl Ad
Posted by louise on 2012-02-03
Adriana Lima making a good case for Valentine's Flowers.   Read More »
Black edges on roses
Posted by north of 45 on 2012-02-02
Gayle Smith gives a very concise explanation of the growing issues that produce black edging on roses. This was taken from the Flowers and Cents site, you can explore more through the link below.  Read More »
En vedette : le Waxflower de la Californie
Posted by louise on 2012-01-31
Voici notre toute première édition de la nouvelle série “En vedette”. Cette série d’articles rassemble de nombreux éléments interactifs qui mettent en valeur les informations les plus utiles et intéressantes sur un produit en particulier.   Read More »
Spotlight on: California Waxflower
Posted by louise on 2012-01-23
The first edition of a new spotlight series, this article brings together many interactive elements that showcase the most useful information about a particular product. Be sure to comment and let us know what you think!  Read More »
Flowers in Ultraviolet!
Posted by sugar flair on 2011-11-25
An Interesting look at flowers in ultraviolet light.   Read More »
Study Finds Flower Longevity Guarantee Plays Role in Purchasing Decisions
Posted by north of 45 on 2011-11-23
The American Floral Endowment has done consumer research that should be interesting to all florists. This article on vase life guarantees points to importance of long lasting flowers for consumers.   Read More »
What is "Perfection" Alstro?
Posted by louise on 2011-11-21
If you've ever wondered exactly what Perfection grade Alstromeria can offer you, this quick article explains it all.  Read More »
Truly a "GREEN" HOUSE at Rosa Flora
Posted by alunshof on 2011-11-04
Biomass Boiler  Read More »
South American Spray Rose Sensations
Posted by chaos on 2011-10-30
A showcase of the best premium and regular varieties based on Sierra testing results and what the Sierra Sales and Quality teams feel stand out either color or quality.  Read More »
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