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New Chrysanthemum varieties!
Posted by colin on 2012-10-01
A look at some new Chrysanthemum varieties from the Dutch breeder Deliflor B.V.  Read More »
Plein feux sur l'Hypericum
Posted by louise on 2012-08-21
Voici photos, videos, informations de soins & de manutention.... bref tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur l'hypericum en une place!  Read More »
Spotlight on Hypericum
Posted by louise on 2012-08-21
From care & handling to production, to variety selection, to photos and videos, here's everything you need and want to know about beautiful Hypericum.   Read More »
One million flowers for one show!
Posted by louise on 2012-07-18
This is a design that won't be duplicated anytime soon! A fun, innovative, neat, quick and amazingly beautiful video to watch of the long and arduous process of building a hall of flowers!  Read More »
Plein feux sur les Cymbidiums de la Nouvelle Zélande
Posted by louise on 2012-07-17
Malgré les températures caniculaires de ce mois de juillet, l'autre côté de la planète, les conditions tout à fait hivernales de la Nouvelle-Zélande permettent de produire la meilleure qualité de Cymbidium au monde!!   Read More »
Spotlight on New Zealand Cymbidiums
Posted by louise on 2012-07-17
Its scorching hot this August, but it's winter in New Zealand and Cymbidium Orchids LOVE winter…. Find out more: the best selection, expert handling, grading, price points and Care & Handling tips in this edition of SPOTLIGHT on CYMBIDIUMS!  Read More »
Plein Feux sur les Callas!
Posted by louise on 2012-06-05
Voici une addition à notre série "Plein feux" qui examine de près une fleur ou feuillage d'importance en saison maintenant avec des photos, des informations utiles, des vidéos et encore plus! Laissez-nous savoir ce que vous en pensez  Read More »
Spotlight on Callas!
Posted by louise on 2012-06-05
Part of the Spotlight series, here is an in depth look at an important flower in season right now, with information, pictures, videos and more. Be sure to let us know what you think!  Read More »
Show & Tell April 5th
Posted by louise on 2012-05-30
Starring in order of appearance: White Agapanthus from Mexico, Emerald foliage, Protea White Pride, Boronia, Protea Pink Susara.  Read More »
Australian Grasses Premium Greens
Posted by louise on 2012-05-30
Gorgeous Grasses from Australia are hand picked in a carefully monitored and permitted forest locations in Australia and the result is high quality, super long lasting Grasses that add lots of character to designs.   Read More »
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