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Extensive range of Buddy’s flowers
Posted by carol-james on 2018-02-19
Buddy’s Cannabis has one of the largest reserves of flowers that are organic and have been formed to help patients in one way or the other. Medicines like San Jose medical marijuana cannot heal a problem completely.  Read More »
Dried Poppy Heads, Poppy Pods' and Bunches' Available to Buy online
Posted by blueplanetflower on 2017-08-20
Giant Decoraitve Poppy Heads, Poppy Pods and Poppy Bunches available to buy online for delivery to UK,USA,New Zealand,Australia,Europe available at New 2017 crop available discounts upto 50% available for the 2017 crop of rare   Read More »
Coral color palette
Posted by stasha on 2016-01-11
Coral color scheme  Read More »
Carnation to match Coral Rose
Posted by tracyf on 2015-04-13
Looking for a carnation that is the color of High and Blooming coral rose  Read More »
World's Most Dangerous Flowers
Posted by kiwistech on 2014-07-06
Here in this article i am writing down about world's most dangerous flowers. Just be aware when you are ordering flowers from free flower shop.  Read More »
Benefits of Proteas
Posted by nika on 2014-03-24
Why import South African Proteas  Read More »
The Flower Bearers’ Parade - Medellin, Colombia
Posted by catalina on 2013-08-09
A parade that shows the beauty of Colombian flowers   Read More »
Préhistoire - Des fleurs mortuaires depuis 13 700 ans!
Posted by louise on 2013-07-05
Des traces de plantes ont été mises au jour dans des tombeaux vieux de 13 700 ans dans une grotte en Israël La tradition ne date pas d'hier... Des traces de fleurs et de plantes ont été mises au jour dans des tombeaux.  Read More »
A visit to Fern Trust
Posted by colin on 2013-07-05
A nice video tour of Fern Trust in Florida with U Blooms J Schwanke...  Read More »
Desesperate search for a rose - Recherche désespérément une rose
Posted by nacha on 2013-06-03
Searching for a rose, a coral colour rose, between dark orange and pink for my wedding, please help - Recherche une rose couleur corail entre orange et rose foncé pour mon mariage, svp aidez-moi... Thank you, merci!  Read More »
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