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Spotlight on Valentines Day Roses

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Posted by Louise on 2013-02-05

Valentine’s day is the holiday that draws the most 1st time flower buyers. By offering excellent quality and great service, florists take advantage of an opportunity to bring these customers back to your shop.
The biggest disappointment your clients can have at Valentines Day is getting roses that only last for one day.... Here’s how you can change that! 

The roses you receive for your Valentine’s Day rush have probably been shipped dry in the box direct  from the farm and have not been hydrated by your wholesaler…Some things to look for: 
  • They may be softer than usual.
  • They may be a tighter cut than usual
  • The outer protective petals may be slightly rougher than usual
These factors combined mean that your Valentines Roses may require some special care and handling to get the best performance out them. Start with the "First Drink".

The First Drink
Rose producers around the world confirm that the “first drink” is a key factor that will affect the performance and vase life of the roses your clients purchase for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few important tips:
  • Roses should be re-hydrated in their original protective cardboard sleeve.
  • Only use buckets that are clean and free of bacteria.
  • Fill with a minimum of 15cm of lukewarm or cool water
  • Always use the proper dose of floral preservative. Too much or too little can be as bad as having none!
  • We have had great improvements in vase life using Chrysal RosePro.
  • Remove foliage that will fall below waterline.
  • Cut stems 1-2 cm at an angle
  • Dip each package of cut roses in a hydration stimulator solution such as Chrysal Easy Dip or Floralife Quick Dip for 1 or 2 seconds and then quickly place I bucket of treated water.
  • Hydration stimulator solutions loosen stem tissue, encourage the stems water uptake and ensure proper hydration
Winning Conditioning
  • Let your roses drink outside of the cooler for 1 to 3 hours. 
  • Check periodically to ensure they’re drinking and starting to open.
  • If they were very tight when you received them, certain bunches may need to stay out of the cooler longer.
  • Store hydrated roses in a cooler at 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.
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