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Spotlight on Ranunculus from California!

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Posted by Louise on 2012-04-02
Welcome to our Spotlight on California Ranunculus

  • Available in abundance from now until after Mother’s Day
  • Double bloomed, delicate looking flower that is in fact surprisingly long lasting
  • Heavy petal count, bright punchy colors, great color selection.

We opened up a box to show you first hand why this California Ranunculus is such a hot item this time of year. (Videos below - to see more videos, click the youtube icon at the very top of the page)

We created a photo album to show you high resolution images of the range of Ranunculus colours available.

A little background on California Ranunculus
Seen from interstate 5 in Carlsbad, the 40 acres of wildly colourful fields where these Ranunculus are grown are such an incredible sight that over the years the farm has been opened up to the public and has become one of the few flower "destinations" in North America; 
First established by the Frazee family back in the 1930's, the Flower Fields of Carlsbad are now manged by Mellano & Co. The Ranunculus bloom from mid March to mid May and during peak production more than 11,000 bunches will be harvested for the professional cut flower industry EACH DAY! Once the flowering season is over the bulbs will be dug up for sale to the home gardening industry and the fields will be re-planted from seed for next years crop!

 To find out more on The Flower Fields of Carlsbad or Mellano & Co, simply copy and paste the links below.

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