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Spotlight on New Zealand Cymbidiums

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Posted by Louise on 2012-07-17
Its winter in New Zealand and Cymbidium Orchids LOVE winter….these cooler growing conditions produce the best quality Cymbidiums in the world!

Best Variety selection
What makes them the best? Well, they start by choosing the best genetic varieties in each colour during the season. Cutting edge breeding of new varieties in New Zealand has produced an amazing selection of new colours to design with ranging from pure whites and electric greens to soft blush pinks and mocha browns. 

See the Facebook album below for a beautiful look at production in the fields. You can also click our facebook page icon (top center of every web page) to see all of our gorgeous Cymbidium albums. 

Expert Handling
Next they ensure that each stem is impeccably handled and packed after harvest and NOBODY packs Cymbids better that the Kiwis! Using special protective tetron wool, perforated plastic tube sleeves, extra large water tubes with floral preservative and packing them in perfectly optimized orchid boxes ensures that your Cymbids will be blemish and crease free. They are even available in new 4 or 6 stem florist packs so you can get them by the box, straight from the grower!

Check out the video below, showing off the expert handling care in the state of the art facilities, not to mention some truly breathtaking field shots. 

Lots of Sizes & Price Points 
And finally they offer a great selection of grades ranging from the economical 5-7 bloom 40cm grade to the showy 20+ bloom 90 cm grade and everything in between to allow you to get exactly the grade and price you need.

Check out the second album below to see a photo album of which varieties are currently available, updated every week. Bookmark it for easy access!

Care & Handling Tips
As the longest lasting commercial Orchid variety on the market, Cymbidiums give you great value whether used by the stem or the individual bloom (although they will last longer on the stem). Cymbidiums are best stored between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius but can be stored in your exotics cooler at 12 to 16 degrees. Stems should be re-cut upon arrival and placed in cool fresh water with the proper dose of floral preservative. If storing in water tubes, the water should be changed every 3 days. 

When properly handled and stored, Cymbidiums can often last 15 to 20 days!

Check out Sierra Flower where you can read more about Cymbidium Orchids or simply ask a question and get answers in our flower professional discussion groups!
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