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Spotlight on Callas!

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Posted by Louise on 2012-06-05
Great Calla Lilies, pure and simple…
Zantedeschia Aethiopica or Calla Lilies are probably one of the most regal flowers on the market. Long valued for the size and shape of their blooms as well as their pure white coloration and contrasting bright green stem, Calla’s are now produced commercially in Colombia and Ecuador for the North American market.
While Callas are produced year round in South America, the peak months of production are from May to October where one farm can produce up to 100,000 stems per week.  This, of course, coincides perfectly with the spring and summer wedding and event seasons where Callas are widely used in bridal bouquets and arrangements.
During the low production months from December to April the number of stems produced can be as low as 40% of regular production numbers.
The real key to shipping great Calla lilies is to ensure strict post harvest care procedures, close inspection of each bloom to avoid any spots or blemishes and meticulous packing of each stem or bouquet to ensure they arrive at your shop as perfect as they left the farm.
Check out the some of the great pictures and video we have of the entire process from the greenhouse to our warehouse!
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