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Spotlight on Alstromeria

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Posted by Louise on 2012-11-21

A Florists Fantasy
Did you ever fantasize about having a cut flower in your shop that was….
  • Inexpensive yet elegant.
  • Came in a wide range of vibrant seasonal colours.
  • Was available year round in a range of grades and price points from 3 blooms up to 7 showy blooms per stem.
  • Looked great in bouquets, arrangements or simply on its own in a vase.
  • Had a vase life of more than 2 weeks?
 Pssst…..Baron Clas Alstromer found just the flower for you in Brazil in 1753…..
It’s Alstroemeria!
Perfect Growth, Perfect Cut, Perfect Pack
In 2004 a small group of specialized growers developed a unique patented way to make good Alstroemeria great! They called it Perfection! This optimally grown and selected grade of Alstroemeria features:
  • Individually netted fully mature blooms ready to use on arrival.
  • Brighter and more intense colours with 25% larger blooms and up to 7 showy blooms per stem.
  • Longer, thicker and stronger stems and greener, healthier foliage.
  • Is only produced by growers with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.
Choosing good Alstroemeria and making it great!
  • Only purchase Alstroemeria that has clean, deep green foliage and unblemished blooms. If the leaves look yellow, it’s probably not fresh!
  • Hydrate your Alstroemeria out of the cooler with the sleeve on in warm water treated with the proper dose of floral preservative for 3 to 4 hours before putting it in the fridge.
  • Change the water every 4 or 5 days.
  • Use of a special bulb flower treatment like Chrysal T-Bags when storing your Alstroemeria will keep the leaves deep green and stop them from yellowing. 
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