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South American Spray Rose Sensations

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Posted by chaos on 2011-10-30
Unlike their singularly focal counterparts, spray roses possess their own particular form of elegance.  Each has their own characteristics, such as colour intensity, bloom size, bloom count, petal structure but may vary slightly from farm to farm.  Some varieties are also notable for their lack of thorns.  Although many varieties of sprays are available, we will focus on classic solid colours and unique bi-colour varieties, both regular and premium grades. The difference between the two?  Premium sprays have larger blooms and therefore have fewer bunches per box.  Sprays are available in roughly 8 colour categories with numerous novelty bi-colour varieties. Being grouped within a certain colour category does not guarantee the same colour intensity and there can be quite a difference, particularly noticeable when a bloom opens. 
All of the varieties mentioned here have proven themselves on numerous occasions in vase life testing, the most recent being one month ago.  The Sierra Sales and Quality teams feel that the varieties mentioned in this article stand out for either their colour or quality: 
Best Premium Varieties
In orange, Babe stands out with an orange center and pinky outer petals with an average of 4 blooms per stem.  Sun City is a nice vivid yellow, also with approximately 4 good sized blooms per stem.  Chablis falls in the peach family and has a peachy pink center with creamy exterior petals and a good bloom count, 4-6 per stem.  Pink sprays generally fall into two categories, hot and light pink.  Bellina is a vivid dark pink with 3 blooms per stem and Ilse is a medium pink with creamy exterior petals and medium sized blooms with 3-4 per stem.  Red Vision is a nice deep red with large blooms that open fully, has 3-4 blooms per stem, with thorns on the upper stems. And lastly, Tiramisu is a large bloomed earth tone colour, looking like a mini Leonidas.
Best Regular Varieties
There are many nice regular varieties to choose from.  Mambo is a tried and true variety with an orange center and pinky exterior petals with approximately 4 blooms per stem.  Yellow Babe is a strong yellow that has a slightly darker center with paler exterior petals and a good bloom count, 5 per stem.  Lovely Lydia is a pure 4 bloomed hot pink and resembles a mini Hot Princess or Kiko.  Pink Majolika is a popular choice for a nice pale pink.  Among the whites there are two varieties that stand out, Vivianne and Snowflake.  Vivianne is a clean white with 3-4 blooms per stem.  Snowflake is a pure white with larger blooms, 3 per stem, and with  a frillier opening than Vivianne.  Limoncello stands out among the greens.  It is a pale greeny yellow 4-5 bloomed variety  with a pink blush on the exterior petals.  Red Angel is a classic red with 3 good sized blooms per stem.  Little Silver is probably the most popular lavender with large blooms, 3 per stem, but is should be noted that it opens quickly but hold well.  Among the bi-colour varieties there are several standouts.  Electra has 4-5 blooms per stem with creamy white inner petals and pink outer petals, giving it the appearance of a mini Sweetness.  Luviana is a gorgeous 4 bloomed variety with dusky pink interior petals and green exterior ones. Lastly there is Sonora which looks like a mini Cherry Brandy.  It has 4 blooms per stem with goldy inner petals and dusky pink outer ones. 
As you can see, there are a myriad of choices available.  New varieties will be listed on the Sierra Flower Finder as they become available.  
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